Day Trips

Certified DiversSingle Dive
Two Dives, One Trip, including Snack
Three Dives, One Trip, including Snack
Ten Dive Package

'Dive Seenigama, Dive Lanka'
We are please to offer brand new diving and snorkeling equipment
in all sizes.

• Beuchat BCD
• IST Regulator/Octopus
• IST Mask
• Technisub Stratos Fins Scubapro 3mm Full Wetsuit
• Scubapro 3mm Full Wetsuit

Foundation of Goodness

The Foundation of Goodness aims to narrow the gap between the urban and rural sector in Sri lanka through a holistic approach using productive activites,thereby empowering over 30,000 lives across 200+ villages via 30 sectors in action free of cost annually.



Diving & Training Centre

Opened in August 2008 thanks to funding from IYF/Nokia ,in a grand ceremony with special guest US Ambassador Mr Robert Blake,this centre provides professional diving training for rural youth.